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Data flow increases by more than 25% each year, and with it our need for data centers to store and share these data.


Data centers generate a lot of heat, which has to be absorbed by air conditioning, and produce as much CO² as the entire world air fleet. Their installation requires large investments, and they are difficult to integrate into the cities because of the noise they make.

In residential and public buildings, the problems are different: builders and operators of residential or tertiary buildings must control their costs, renovate and upgrade their properties assets, and find low-carbon solutions for their new and intelligent buildings, while having a need for heat for hot water in these buildings.


These two worlds come together with the Stimergy digital boiler, which revalorizes the heat generated by data centers to meet the decarbonize energy requirements of manufacturers and operators.


The digital boiler is a datacenter with a heat recovery system produced by this datacenter.

Installed in the boiler room of buildings or swimming pools, these ecological and innovative datacenters allow the heating of the water used by these structures while providing high-quality IT services.


The energy consumed by these data centers is used twice: once for the computer servers and once for the heating of the water, realizing also an important energy saving. Moreover, since the heat is recovered, there is no need for air-conditioning, which further reduces the energy consumed.

Available for new or renovated / refurbished buildings, our Freeheat offer is declined in 2 axes:

For new buildings, Eco neighborhoods, smart buildings:
Sale of an energy system guaranteeing a gain of 9kWh / m² / year on the building's energy consumption (Rt 2012) making it the most competitive solution of energy recovery on the market (regarding water preheating).

For buildings in rehabilitation / renovation, swimming pools, hotels, sports complexes:
Sale of a heat supply contract at a stable and competitive price, excluding subsidies, over a period of 10 years and an immediate reduction in energy bill.


Several types of contracts are possible:

  • An investment allowing the customer to pre-purchase heat at a fixed price for 10 years
  • A contract to purchase heat at a competitive price for 10 years indexed to the evolution of the price of energy


  • A stable value over time of your property assets thanks to a low-carbon system (see RBR2018)
  • A control and decrease of the residents' costs
  • An easy and compact boiler installation (4m²) directly in the boiler room of the building
  • A de-carbonated energy
  • An energy recovery production equipment according to the French energy transition law
  • Servers’ heat pre-heats all the year the water of the buildings
  • A coverage up to 60% of the hot sanitary water needs of your building
  • Annual energy bill reductions for the client



Electricity supply; maintenance (integrated with the price of heat); security, video monitoring, badge access



  • A system certified by the CSTB certifying the compatibility of our solution with the regulation
  • Our heat recovery system is considered to be a renewable energy production equipment according to the law n ° 2015-992 of 17 August 2015 on the green energy transition
  • A 1st “Titre V operation” for a student residence showing a gain of more than 15 kWh / m² / year, improving the energy class of buildings under renovation.
  • February 2017: Obtaining the “Titre V système”



Stimergy is an innovative French company which designs and installs eco-responsible mini-datacentres and improves the energy performance of your buildings:

« EDF Innovation Grand Prize, 2013 »
« Happy City Award, 2015 »
« Circulaire Economy Trophy 2016 »


Our mission:
Reconciling energy transition and digital transition


For more information about our company, visit our website.





  • A technical room in compliance with the boiler room regulation dedicated to Stimergy
  • A ventilation system allowing to extract the thermal power of the room
  • A dedicated access to the server room through two badged doors
  • A ground resistance exceeding 600Kg / m²
  • A hydraulic inlet to connect our exchanger
  • An electrical supply from a dedicated delivery point to the server room